David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest, 2016

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“It may be that something new comes to you, but there is more to life than just sitting around making relations.” In a not too distant future and which looks worryingly to our present, merchandise, entertainment and advertising have now also occupied the interstices of everyday life. Drugs are everywhere, as a panacea for boredom and despair. Until a mysterious film bursts into the scene, Infinite Jest, so exciting and hypnotic that it instantly erases any desire other than to look at its images endlessly, until death. In the chase that is unleashed around this perfect drug, the residents of a recovery home for drug addicts and the students of a Tennis Academy end up involved; and again cheaters, transvestites, failed artists, professional football players, doctors, bibliophiles, film scholars, conspirators.

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest
Super ET 2016
Translation by Edoardo Nesi
Introduction by Tom Bissell
Contributions of Annalisa Villoresi, Grazia Giua
21 x 13,5 x 6.5 cm
1296 pages
Flexible cover
First Edition Stile Libero Big, 1996

ISBN 9788806232474