Lukas Birk & Sean Foley, Kafkanistan, 2008

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Kafkanistan explores the world of present-day travel and tourism to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran; it is an image of that world based on actual happenings. What started with an email asking Lukas Birk to join the ethnographer Sean Foley on a documentary research about tourism to Afghanistan turned into 3 year project resulting in 3 films, a book and touring multi-media installation. Kafkanistan started in 2005. The book was published in 2008 by Fraglich Publishing and republished in 2012 by Glitterati Inc. It offers fascinating stories, souvenirs and rumour infused realities.

Lukas Birk & Sean Foley, Kafkanistan – tourism to conflict zones

Fraglish Publishing, 2008

21 x 21 cm

 260 pages


Includes a DVD with two films


ISBN 978-0985169626