Atelier Bizzarro, La festa dei semplici – carnevale di Aliano, 2020

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ZicZic editions, together with Atelier Bizzarro and the collaboration of Canti Magnetici, have created a fanzine on the Carnival of Aliano: photographs, illustrations, stories and sounds that evoke that world made of big hats, cupa cupa, cowbells, colors and animal masks. All of this always among the clay of the calachi, which crumbles and reassembles, making everything even more magical.

Atelier Bizzarro, La festa dei semplici

ZicZic edizioni, 2020

Collaboration with Elena Campa e Ruggero Asnago

Fanzine 17 x 24 cm

Poster 50 x 70

56 pages

soft cover