Valentino Barachini, La Stupidità, 2023

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Valentino Barachini’s work reflects on the marriage of art and life: are they worlds that can coincide? Can we still talk about art nowadays? To answer these and other questions, the author documents the work of Alessandro Gaggio, an Italian sculptor, keeping as a common thread a concept expressed several times during interviews done by Matthew Licht: “In order to survive this sick world we must embrace and follow stupidity.”

Valentino Barachini, La Stupidità

Grani Edizioni, 2023

100 copies numbered and signed by the author, 15 with hardcover and one photo printed on polythene paper

Photographs Valentino Barachini

Text Matthew Licht

Design Valentino Barachini

24X15 cm

160 pages


Italian, English



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