Chiara Bertola, Giuliano Sergio, Le pietre del cielo | Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro, 2018

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A comparison between several artistic languages: the sculpture of slender and minimal elements by Paolo Icaro and the photography of Luigi Ghirri, in dialogue with the architecture of Carlo Scarpa in the spaces of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice. The volume accompanying the exhibition of the same name, edited by Chiara Bertola and Giuliano Sergio, is inserted as the second appointment in the research program linked to the Luigi Ghirri Fund, which saw the publication in 2016 of the first Quaderno Paesaggi d’aria. Luigi Ghirri and Yona Friedman/Jean-Baptiste Decavèle. This fund aims to promote an activity of investigation and enhancement of the work of the Emilian photographer, through thematic juxtapositions with artists who evoke his sensibility. Paolo Icaro’s sculptures chosen for the exhibition are mainly in plaster, a material that preserves the imprint of the rapid gesture that shaped him, evoking what is no longer seen and linking to his idea of Ghirri’s photographs in which he sees him capable of portraying “the space that separates him from things”.

Chiara Bertola, Giuliano Sergio

Le pietre del cielo | Luigi Ghirri e Paolo Icaro

Fondo Luigi Ghirri 2


First Edition

Curator: Chiara Bertola, Giuliano Sergio

Photographer: Luigi Ghirri

With: Querini Stampalia Foundation

15 x 21cm



Language: Italian and English

ISBN: 9788875707323