Lorenzo Castore, L’ULTIMO DOMICILIO, 2015

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“Ultimo Domicilio” was born in 2008 when, during a trip to Sarajevo and Mostar, Castore photographs interiors of houses abandoned during the war, suddenly left with all the personal belongings belonged to those who lived there.

Over the years the work develops into a solid structure, entirely personal, as is the mode of Castore. The houses of the war of Sarajevo and Mostar meet in this work the house of history (Finale Ligure), the house of youth and poetry (Casarola), the house of the search of a father (Brooklyn), the house of the mother (Fontensy Mauvoisin) and the house of a new beginning (Krakow, the house of Castor).

Lorenzo Castore, L’ultimo domicilio

2015, First edition

106 pages, 24,5 x 30,5 cm
Colored photographies