Irene Kopelman, Marine Models (Notes on Representation Vol. 12), 2023

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Side by side with scientists at the Institute de la Mer de Villefranche, and the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice, Irene Kopelman examined two small marine animals: Botryllus schlosseri and Nematostella vectensis. One is colonial, the other is solitary, yet they both have the ability to regenerate their entire body – also defined as ‘non embryonic development’. For the artist, drawing is a way of thinking and processing what we see through material and physical activity; dwelling on a subject and exploring it through looking and learning.




Marine Models (Notes on Representation Vol. 12), Irene Kopelman

Roma Publications, 2023

Texts Irene Kopelman, Hélène Guenin, Stefano Tiozzo, Eric Röttinger

Design Ayumi Higuchi & Roger Willems

21×28 cm

200 pages


English, French

ISBN 9789464460360

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