Matteo Cereda, Mettete orti sui vostri balconi, 2021

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Basil is not to be bought. Dried basil has no taste and if you take it fresh it should be used right away. Many do not know the smell of the tomato plant and give up the taste of eating a freshly picked cherry. And what about hot peppers, of which there are thousands of varieties? In supermarkets it is rare to find more than two or three, and we do not know what we are missing.

“You do not need a garden or a field, all you need is a space in the open air – a terrace, a balcony, even just a windowsill assures the author who in this book explains everything you need to know” – Robinson

The motivation to start growing is often small, but the wonderful thing is that you can do it almost anywhere. You don’t need a garden or a field, all you need is an open-air space – a terrace, a balcony, even just a windowsill – and… this book, which will explain everything, really everything we need to know in a simple and accessible way: how to choose the right vegetables, what tools are needed, how and when to sow, fertilize, water, transplant and many other things that will make us proud urban growers. Cauliflower, beans and green beans, onions, squash and zucchini, mint, strawberries and a host of other earthy products will have no more secrets! And, with time, we will also realize the profound teachings that cultivation offers us: care, perseverance, a dedication made up of small daily attentions, a relationship with nature and food that we risk losing and that we will love to rediscover instead. Perhaps with the whole family, including children, to whom Matteo Cereda dedicates great attention with a series of activities designed specifically to involve them in a constructive and fun way.

Matteo Cereda

Mettete orti sui vostri balconi

Rizzoli, 2021

15 x 2.5 x 22.5 cm





ISBN: 9788817154482