Valentina Zucchi and Francesca Zoboli, NERO, 2018

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Black is a special color: rich, shiny and elegant on the one hand; severe, judicious and solemn on the other. It has gone through history in the form of a simple charcoal and has been explored by artists in its many forms, expressions and potential, intertwining more than any other color with writing, graphics and design, photography and cinema. Another little story of colors written by Valentina Zucchi and illustrated by Francesca Zoboli to tell the story of the likes of Andrea Verrocchio, Francisco Goya, Georges de La Tour and Franco Grignani.

Valentina Zucchi and Francesca Zoboli, Nero

Topipittori, 2018

22 x 32 cm

32 pages

Italian, English

ISBN 9788898523948