Daniele Costa, Neutro – Daniele Costa, 2023

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The exhibition Ends by Daniele Costa, on show in Reggio Emilia, originated from the artist’s homonymous video artwork, presented last November at the 18th edition of ArtVerona, on the occasion of NEUTRO’s participation in the LAB section. After challenging the concept of performance with a video dedicated to the encounter-clash between Trape and Trysha, two queer performers from the Milanese scene, Daniele Costa pushes the limits of the photographic medium. Seven static images reveal the fleeting transformativity of the human being. The frozen movement of voguing, the contracted movement captured by Duchamp, and the articulated movement coexist within frames that transform the previous video performance into a seven-act ballet along the walls of NEUTRO. Like a dialogue, a manifesto, or a burning ember, “Ends” silently confronts us with the necessity – essential in Costa’s creative process – of a constant rewriting and deconstruction of the bodies we inhabit. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication, edited in 30 copies, containing traces of the works on display alongside a text by Leonardo Bentini, an independent curator and art writer, who engages in a dialogue with Trape and Trysha through whispered fragments and statements.

Daniele Costa, Neutro – Daniele Costa

Neutro, 2023

6 reproductions of the works in the exhibition in A4 size on photographic paper, edition 30 copies

Text Leonardo Bentini 

31 x 22,5 cm

7 pages



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