Lina Pallotta, Porpora, 2023

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The book features a collection of photographs by Lina Pallotta taken from 1990 to 2018 of Porpora Marcasciano, an Italian trans activist.

It is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated to the photographs; the second collects a text by Porpora Marcasciano, a critical essays by Raffaella Perna and Allen Frame, and a poem by Kae Tempest. The third section, curated by Michele Bertolino, is a selection of documents from the 1970s to the present, based on Porpora’s encounters and stories intertwined with collective paths. The documents, selected through consultation with activists, historians, and experts, collect some ideas through which reconstruct the political movements and struggles experienced by Porpora Marcasciano.

The project intersects daily life and collective struggles, becoming an image of a complex and layered human experience. 

The publication aims to recognize an history that goes beyond the individual protagonist and becomes a collective narrative, addressing the issue of visibility and representation of the trans experience.

Lina Pallotta, Porpora

NERO editions, 2023

Editing Lina Pallotta, Michele Bertolino

Editorial management Michele Bertolino, Carolina Feliziani

Translation Clara Ciccioni, Riccardo Duranti

Design Federico Antonini, Simone Cavallin

21×28 cm

280 pages


English, Italian

ISBN 978-88-8056-203-0

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