Massimo Siragusa, Roma, 2020

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Behind the Rome celebrated by classical iconography, city of great beauty with a monumental and somewhat decadent charm, with its iconic places envied by the whole world, there is another city. Hidden and alien to tourist flows. An area inhabited and lived by more than half of Roman citizens. A chaotic city, often abusive. With its gates, railings, walls, trees, archaeological findings, cars, which overlap and merge in an extraordinary and unique visual chaos. We see the outskirts, the suburbs. Different from each other but all united by the same visual and architectural anarchy. In this work, which has unfolded for over two years along the perimeter of the city, the author sought relationships, passages, dialogues, as if trying to put the chaos of reality in order.

Massimo Siragusa, Roma

Postcart, 2020

272 pages


First edition

ISBN 978-8831363136

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