Flatform, Snaturamenti, 2022

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Snaturamenti is both the object and the device of the book of Flatform, a collective artist working on the border between contemporary art and cinema. Transitional states of various types – spatial or temporal, geographical or historical, phenomenological or climatic –  and the notion of landscape as a complex network of connections between human beings and other species form the base of their artistic and philosophical research practice. These questions become the very mechanism of deconstruction and reconstruction of Flatform’s films on the page. The passage from the moving image to the still image in book-format generates in itself a form of “snaturamento”, literally an alteration of the nature of the original work, which, however, articulates itself in a new landscape, where the initial meanings are displaced and alter not only the narrative structure of the film but also the classical form of the book.

Flatform, Snaturamenti

Avarie, 2022

Film, texts, drawings, sketchnotes by Flatform

Editing by Giuliana Prucca

Graphic design by Vito Raimondi

24×33 cm

128 pages

Soft-bound without cover


ISBN 978-2-490750-15-3.

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