Polymorf, Symbiosis, 2022

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Somewhere 200 years in the future, on the ruins of the inhospitable Anthropocene, after climate change has changed the world beyond recognition. The post-human biotope is teaming with artificial or enhanced biochemical life, sharing resources, habitats, bodies and information in an inclusive way: Symbiosis.

Symbiosis is a performative, multi-user and multi-sensory VR installation which redesigns the human body, allowing participants to embody the inhabitants of this post-human reality. This publication takes a deeper dive into these post-human body architectures and their social context, and includes the full scripts for the experience as well as an in-depth look at its creation.

Based on Donna Haraway’s “speculative fabulations”, Dutch experience design collective POLYMORF offers a speculative future, investigating the effects of a more symbiotic exchange of genetic, cultural and technological traits between people and other living entities. Symbiosis questions the humanistic, anthropocentric and liberal beliefs that are the fulcrum of modern-day society.

Polymorf, Symbiosis

The Eriskay Connection, 2022

First Edition

Design Rob van Hoesel

10.8 × 15.8 cm

96 pages



ISBN 978-94-92051-77-6 gr285

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