Sico Carlier, Trois Pièces Faciles, 2022

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Trois Pièces Faciles (Three Easy Pieces) consists of three publications – Jack the Moment, The Fan and Aphrodite – in which Carlier meticulously repurposed a collection of found athletic and pornographic material first published between 1950–80. It is a meditation on changing social attitudes, in which the artist’s hand became a roving censor, isolating and emphasising details. Carlier repurposed material inherited from the archive of an acquaintance during a spell in 2020 when he lived in upstate New York, US. The dimensions of the US letter paper determined the measurements and, therefore, limitations of each page. Aphrodite contains a new essay by academic and curator Paul Clinton, situating Carlier’s work within a history of censorship and sexually transgressive queer artistic practices.

‘Sico Carlier’s three collaged volumes of vintage smut, queer ephemera and text fragments are a reminder that one can oppose censorship without evangelising about porn.’ – Paul Clinton Sico Carlier is an artist, editor and publisher based in Rotterdam. He is the founding editor of Currency.

Sico Carlier, Trois Pièces Faciles

Queer Street Press, 2022

First Edition

Text Paul Clinton

Design Clem Rousset

Edited: Sean Burns, Davide Meneghello

The work is divided into three books

22 × 14 cm each

132 pages total



ISBN-978-1-7399874-0-4 gr430

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