Davide Tocco, Utopie dattilotessili, 2023

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Utopie dattilotessili is a collaboration between the Sardinian artist Davide Tocco and Oreri-Iniziativa Editoriale. The book includes reproductions of 100 graphic works created by Davide Tocco between 2017 and 2022 with his Olivetti Dora. It also features a conversation by Fiammetta Pani and Ilaria Pisanu, an essay by Wu Ming 1, a glossary by Federico Antonini and Marta Veronese, and a conversation between the editors (Luca Carboni and Andrea Garcés) and Davide Tocco.  This bilingual edition (Italian-English) of 500 copies was produced in its entirety without using a computer or any graphic design software. The works were copied using the Riso MF9350 duplicator’s scanning plate and colour separation software, and printed in red and black, the same colours of the Olivetti’s ribbon. All texts and paratexts were typewritten and reproduced in the same way.

Davide Tocco, Utopie dattilotessili

Oreri, 2023

First edition of 500 copies

Edited by Andrea Garcés and Luca Carboni

Texts by Federico Antonini, Fiammetta Pani, Ilaria Pisanu, Marta Veronese, and Wu Ming 1

Graphic design by Luca Carboni

24 x 32 cm

172 pages


Italian – English

ISBN 979 12 80674 14 2

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