Valeria Laureano, Valeria Laureano – APICE, 2019

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An intense photographic story recognized through gazes, landscapes, places and figures faded by time and which traces the extraordinary history of Apice, the ancient Benevento village partially evacuated due to the 1962 Irpinia earthquake and then completely destroyed and abandoned following that of 1980. Today what remains of Apice vecchia is the magnificent journey of images that the artist proposes, giving life again to spaces once occupied by daily gestures, today by the memory of souls who never left them.The work was elaborated starting from what was found on the spot: glass plates, medium format negatives, 35mm negatives found on the back of a coffin shop, buried by the damp ground. Alongside these first finds, the photographer produced negatives of the places and landscapes of Apice vecchia. A contradiction of images in which time is no longer synonymous with destruction and abandonment but creation and rebirth.

Valeria Laureano – Apice



6 ills., 6.5×8.5 cm

paper box


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