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June 2021

Presentation Wednesday 9 June,

A good afternoon devoted to Edizioni del Frisco Fenomenologia dell’editoria Indipendente by Francesco Ciaponi and the magazine Friscospeaks edited by Francesco Ciaponi

Fenomenologia dell’editoria indipendente:
un’analisi storica della stampa libera dal Novecento a oggi

 There are many histories of publishing, but there is no comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon we call independent publishing, the unmediated and completely free representation on paper of the history and cultural movements that have come down to us since the early twentieth century.
From the magazines of the artistic avant-garde, to the clandestine adventures that courageously fought against authoritarian regimes, from the birth of the fanzine phenomenon, to the first independent comics, passing through the psychedelic counter-culture newspapers and the meagre punk publications of the 1970s, up to the modern independent magazines.
For the first time, this book attempts to give the necessary dignity and depth of analysis to an international social phenomenon that has always been seen as marginal and fragmented, through an articulated path that underlines its extraordinary basic coherence, the multitude of experiences, and its ability to show us what the development of cultural ferments opposed to the mainstream really is.

Friscospeaks magazine

 Friscospeaks, the six-monthly magazine of independent culture was born in 2019 from an idea of Francesco Ciaponi, founder of Edizioni del Frisco, with the collaboration of Concretipo Studio, a duo of graphic designers based in Florence. Each issue, which comes out in June and December, sees the collaboration of around twenty different artists who propose their projects without following any common line between them. The result is a product to be leafed through, without rules or limits, in which every page is a surprise both in content and form.
A completely free magazine, distributed in independent channels and on the edizionidelfrisco.com website. Contributing to the project with their reviews are: FRAB’S Magazine, La Pipette noir Fanzine and Il Mecenate Povero fumetti.
McBess, Jeremy Fish, LucaMaleonte, Emanuela Ligabue, Laurina Paperina, Jimmy Alonzo, Riccardo Bucchioni, Nazario Graziano, MarcoAbout, Andrea “the And” Sartori, Rossana Calbi, Luca Frazzi, Giampo Coppa, Paola Moretti, Manuel Bortoletti, Erwin Blok, VitoManolo, Raissa Pardini, Gianluca Gambino, On Printed Paper and many, many others…

Edizioni del Frisco

 Francesco Ciaponi, graduated in History of printing and publishing with a thesis entitled “Mondo Beat: the birth of underground publishing in Italy”, in 2010 he founded Italian Poster Rock Art, the Italian archive of poster art. As well as collaborating with magazines such as Artribune, Bibliographie française, The Concern Newstand (U.S.A.), Moof Magazine (England), Polpettas Magazine (Spain), since 2017 he has been running the publishing house Edizioni del Frisco, conceiving and producing books that deal with themes of graphics, publishing and text culture.
The publishing house has produced a number of publications over the years including: The Big Lebowski Art Collection (2017), Amazing Surf Logos (2018), Jack: an illustrated biography (2019), Will Ferrell: the Fanzine and Fenomenologia dell’Editoria Indipendente: un’analisi storica della stampa libera dal Novecento a oggi.
Since 2018 it has been publishing the independent culture magazine Friscospeaks and since 2021 Contesto: rivista di editoria indipendente e cultura del testo (2021).
From the publishing house was born the Centro Studi EdF that deals with the forms of textuality, paper and digital, in the independent sphere.

Hours and Infos

Wednesday 9 June, at 7 pm a presentation with Francesco Ciaponi in conversation with Pietro Pasanisi

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma