September 2019

Exhibition September 10th, 7 pm,

Project launch: Infernetto, by Valentina Parisi

Valentina Parisi, in dialogue with Simona Filippini and Fabio Severo, will talk with us about Infernetto, the fanzine process and construction, the book dummy, and the need to make a photographic project and different editorial products telling the story of this controversial neighbourhood in Roma. Infernetto aims to narrate the various antinomies of this territory.

The fanzine

INFERNETTO is a mini self-published fanzine in edition of 30 copies trying to tell the history of transformations of this neighbourhood, born after the allotment by “Casa Mia” cooperative. The 2 planimetries attached to the volume shows both what changed but also what remained. Unconcerned by timing, costs, edition, Valentina Parisi produced a fanzine focusing only on the final result. during the presentation she will tell us about the various steps she has to take in order to produce every single copy.

The book

The need to produce the book, nowadays a dummy looking for a publisher, is the result of many reflections she made while making the fanzine. While the latter mostly concetrates on the construction aspects, the boo focuses on the vegetation and the people living in the neighbourhood.

Valentina Parisi, Roma, 1982. After studying at Istituto Superiore Roberto Rossellini, she graduated on historical cartography. Since 2014, she works with disabled kids on a didactic path, both individual and collective, where photography is used as a mean to know better both yourself and the world.

Hours and Infos

September 10th - October 4th

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma