During the weekends we keep enjoying these last summer days. We'll start being open on Saturdays from October 10th :)

September 2020

Exhibition Wednesday September 9th, 4-8 pm,

Riscatti. Archivio romantico delle foto perdute, curated byRVM HUB and Ivana Marrone.

“One day in October, some years ago, Ivana Marrone purchased a bunch of old amateur family pictures at an antiques market. After a while, these photographs – whose number has grown – left the box in which they were stored, to travel into the hands of writers, songwriters, journalists and cultural events organizers, coming back home, eventually, with a new story tailored upon them, a new life. Here they are, the Riscatti.”

Riscatti. Archivio romantico delle foto perdute is the first book published by RVM. The publication, curated by Ivana Marrone, with a foreword by Valerio Millefoglie and an afterword Cat Lachowskyj, has three different dustjackets: each reproducing a pattern taken by XV and XIX century decorated papers from covers and flyleaves , coming from the collections of  Biblioteca Guarneriana di San Daniele del Friuli (UD) and fromSan Francisco (CA) Letterform Archive. These decorative motifs and the very light single side coated on which the dust jacket is printed, are reminiscent of the papers used to protect books or photo albums, or to cover the interior of furniture, boxes, cases, drawers.

On Tuesday September 8th we’ll give you an exhibition disclosure during our #leporellowednesdytakeover, curated for the occasion by the guys of RVM HUB.

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If the weather is good, there will be an outdoor table to leaf through the book and talk to the editors and the curator of the book. The bookshop will welcome just a few people at a time. The exhibition will be open until Saturday 10th October. You can arrange an appointment in the morning to see the exhibition together with the guys from RVM and Ivana Marrone. For morning openings you can write an email to


Last but not least, enjoy both here below and in Leporello RVM HUB selection of vernacular photography based books!

Hours and Infos

September 9th - October 10th

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma