Louis De Belle , Crowd, 2023

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Italy is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. This enormous artistic and natural heritage attracts more than 60 million visitors from all over the world every year.

“The often passive fruition of attractions by tourists as they traipse along the routes from one absolutely unmissable place to the next, as sold to them by tour operators or cultural marketing strategies, is at last offered redemption here in the appropriation of such experience. Thanks to Louis De Belle’s work, while following in the footsteps of their more sophisticated eighteenth-century ancestors, today’s travellers take on an active role here in the use of their mobile phone cameras – a key tool for interpretation and reading, very much on a par with the notebook and fountain pen tucked into the pockets of young gentlemen on the Grand Tour of yesteryear. […]” Alessandro Morandotti

Crowd by Louis De Belle
bruno, 2023
25×33,5 cm
64 pages
4 colours offset
ISBN 978-88-99058-89-0
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