Guy Debord, Ecologia e psicogeografia, 2021

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In these essays, written by Debord between 1955 and 1988, we find more than thirty years later another of his brilliant intuitions, namely the prefiguration of a society in which the necessary fight against pollution would soon take on a state and regulatory character that would only serve to create new specializations, new departments, new bureaucracies… Thus, against the background of the famous Situationist critique of the society of the spectacle, another equally implacable one is outlined: that to a certain mystifying environmentalism, very fashionable, which not by chance has been transformed with time in the inevitable accomplice of the green economy. In order to oppose a similar flattening of the environment and the consequent behavioural domestication of its inhabitants, we need to start again from the spaces of everyday life, from that psychogeographical practice that allows us to experiment with a playful use of the territory and therefore to realise unprecedented, even science fiction, possibilities. And herein lies the sense that runs through Debord’s writings: in a situation such as the one in which we find ourselves living, we have no choice but to “consider the worst and fight for the best”.

Guy Debord, Ecologia e psicogeografia

Elèuthera, 2021

Translation by Gianfranco Marelli and Enzo Papa

Edited by Gianfranco Marelli

12.8 x 19.4 cm

192 pages



ISBN 978-8833020976