Marta Zgierska & Mateusz Sarełło, Garden, 2022

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The reader’s gaze passes through the embossed pattern of the front cover. This large-format book, as soft as flower petals, is an invitation to dive in a herbarium. It tells a loving dialogue with a dose of poetry that appeals to all the senses: the look, the touch, the smell of the perfumes we imagine, the sound of the pages we turn… These imaginary flowers, reproduced in black and white, seem to have been caressed by all the parts of human body and this touch leaves behind mysterious traces. At the end of the book we see dark photos of vases which receive bouquets and secrets.

Marta Zgierska & Mateusz Sarełło, Garden

Blow Up Press, 2022

Editing Marta Zgierska, Mateusz Sarełło, Aneta Kowalczyk

Text François Cheval

Translation Matilda Holloway

Design Aneta Kowalczyk

31×42 cm

62 pages



ISBN 978-83-952840-4-5

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