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Mimi Plumb, Landfall, 2018

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It is 1980 and Mimi Plumb, who is graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute at the time, picks up her camera out of a strong sense of unease and uncertainty. We are in the period of the Gulf War, skyrocketing inflation and the AIDS epidemic. But Plumb decides to shelve the work until, after three decades, it comes back to her. She is shocked to discover that these black and white images have become terribly relevant again, as that sense of disquiet and uncertainty is stronger than ever today. This sequence of somewhat distressing, but also curious and well-researched images is perhaps meant to communicate to us that we should stop thinking that we are lost for the first time in history.

Mimi Plumb, Landfall

TBW, 2018

I edition

24 x 30 cm


120 pages, 53 black and white photographs


ISBN 978-1-942953-36-4

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