Henrik Strömberg & Jens Soneryd, Object amnesic: a compost manifesto, 2021

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Henrik Strömberg (artist) and Jens Soneryd (writer) started their joint project The Compost in 2016. For them, the compost is a point of departure to explore alternative ways of being in the world, alternative practices of doing, thinking, sensing, seeing, and understanding. With “alternative ways of being in the world” they refer to perspectives that challenge the instrumental and reductionist ones that are predominant today, which provide a technocratic attitude towards the world, its objects, structures and societal institutions, but also toward its humans and other living beings, its nature, language and art. According to the technocratic attitude, art works are means for communicating simple messages or for performing certain functions, and they are valued according to their potential of doing so – the aim of the work of art is to deliver certain measurable results that are decided in advance. Thus, contemporary art is part of the creative economy, it is attuned to the logic of advertising, design, and tech companies.

Henrik Strömberg & Jens Soneryd

Object amnesic: a compost manifesto

Blow Up Press, 2021

Photographs: Henrik Strömberg

Poetry: Jens Soneryd

Essay: Chiara Valci Mazzara 

Book design: Aneta Kowalczyk

224 x 300 mm




ISBN: 978-83-952840-8-3

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