Kayije Kagame & Grace Seri, Sans Grace, 2020

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Sans Grace is an ongoing encounter woven by the unique wording of Grace Seri, a book on the edge of writing and speaking. These texts, written while undergoing logorrheic exercises with Kayije Kagame, initiate a writing method without graphemes, by which the unconscious speaks and the body writes. Once transcribed, the texts led to the diptych Sans Grace / Avec Grace, staged by Kayije Kagame, that explores twinship, the multiple identities of characters in search of meaning, apprehending their own desires, and the alternate absence of both actresses, on stage as well as in their daily life.


Kayije Kagame & Grace Seri, Sans Grace

Clinamen, 2020

11cm x 16cm

64 pages


Bilingual edition FR/ENG

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