Giulia Crispiani, What if I can’t say goodbye, 2022

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This book happened in between everything that has been written and uttered, in between one breath and another. It keeps track of all the intuitions among movements and break-ups, unfolding upon equations and calculations, it records all the stillness and heaviness of lucid epiphanies which wrote themselves up in order not to be forgotten. It is a book made of pauses, when I happened to miss the point—and an attempt to make space. Filing notes collected by a future self, It is a trace of outside universes and distant times. It is a library of all the pebbles left out of falling asteroids, shot through the atmosphere until the day before yesterday.

What if I can’t say goodbye, Giulia Crispiani

Union Edition, 2022

10 cm x15,5 cm x 2 cm

288 pages

Xerox print

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