September 2021

ExhibitionPresentation Wednesday, September 8th,

V.I.P. – Various Italian Printmakers, book presentation and a collective exhibition of art silkscreen prints curated by Daniel Tummolillo and Pietro Pasanisi

Leporello reopens its doors with the opening of a collective exhibition dedicated to some of the best Roman silkscreen printers and the presentation of the book that inspired it, V.I.P. – Various Italian Printmakers.

On show a selection of silkscreen works by 77 denari – Arturo –
Clockwork – Else – Hitnes – Fuori Registro – Mynameisbri –
Screamprinting – Vitagrama – Vecchio Stampo – Ver Eversum

V.I.P. – Various Italian Printmakers, edited by Daniel Tummolillo and Francesco Ciaponi, published by Edizioni del Frisco, is the first book on art silkscreen printing in Italy.
Flanked by a #crowdfunding campaign to finance the project, the volume represents the first serious and organic attempt to tell, directly, through their voices, and in all the occurring forms, the experiences and realities that operate in Italy in the field of silkscreen printing.”Flipping through these pages”, explains Daniel Tummolillo, silkscreen printer and professor of silkscreen printing at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, “you will find artists, art printing studios and workshops, social projects and much more. This selection is essentially based on the contacts made in recent years and on the observation of the artists through their paths, their evolution. I wanted to take a photograph, although not complete but significant, of the current artistic and technical panorama of silkscreen printing in Italy. “The pages of the volume, the cover of which is signed by Dario Maggiore, owner of the Milanese graphic studio Thunderbeard, collect the history and activity of some of the most representative printing artists and some historic Italian art printing houses. Leafing through these pages, the reader approaches a reality as fascinating as hidden, made of research, experimentation, self-production and craftsmanship.
The book pays particular attention to the Italian scene of Rock Poster Art, silkscreen printing productions linked to the world of music and its promotion. In recent years, the creation of concert posters (the so-called “gig posters” born in the sixties in the USA) has seen a concentration of a new generation of creatives in our country.
In the last decade, the Italian scene has seen the emergence of names that have, in a short time, gained visibility also at an international level, such as Malleus Rock Art Lab, Jj Farfante Art Lab, Clockwork Pictures, MynameisBry and Ver Eversum , just to name a few.
V.I.P. – Various Italian Printmakers contains a preface by Angelo Barzaghi, writings by Gianpaolo Fallani and Paola Serighelli, children of of masters of Italian screen printing, and by Stefano Marzorati, collector of Rock Poster Art.

Hours and Infos

8th-29th September

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma