Todd Oldham, Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom, 2015

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Celebrated designer Todd Oldham opens another treasure trove of unseen and unpublished illustrations in Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom. The book includes illustrations Charley created during a span of more than sixty years and appeals to a wide range of audiences both young and old. Charley Harper was an American illustrator who worked from his studio in the woods near Cincinnati, Ohio, until his death in 2007, at the age of eighty-four. He is beloved for his delightful, graphic, and often humorous illustrations of nature, animals, insects, and people alike. Charley liked to say that when he paints a bird, he doesn’t count all the feathers in the wings—he just counts the wings. Minimal realism, he called it, and his unique and precise style continue to resonate and inspire his admirers both young and old. Todd Oldham is an innovator of accessible design, and the founder of Todd Oldham Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio in New York City. Originally a fashion designer, Todd has hosted MTV’s House of Style, and his career has evolved to include interior design, film, photography, furniture, graphic, and product design.

Todd Oldham, Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom

Ammo Books, 2015

Illustrations by  Charley Harper

43 x 30 cm

288 pages


ISBN 9781934429433