Mario Cresci, Misurazioni. Fotografia e territorio, 2020

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Misurazioni is an instrumental book, a composite and ambiguous object. A complex path made up of refined analogies, studies of form and anthropological immersions. Inside the volume, which can be considered the summa of Mario Cresci’s work, reside all the deepest intentions and peculiarities. This is his second publication after Matera, images and documents (1974) and, like the previous one, this volume is also built at the perfect halfway between popular book and artist’s book: because the book for Cresci is an open and diverse box, but it is also a product of industrial design that is made in typography. In fact, already from the emblematic title and in the choice of the word “misurazioni”, one can feel the echo of planning of design, the relationship with the object and with the perception of things. ”

– Achille Filipponi

Mario Cresci – Misurazioni. Fotografia e territorio

Yard Press, 2020

Edited by Francesco Angelucci and Achille Filipponi

Texts by Francesco Angelucci and Achille Filipponi

Design by Giandomenico Carpentieri

16.5 x 23.7 cm


Edition of 500 copies

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