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Giugno 2020

Fabio Barile, photographer

Works for a cosmic feeling

Works for a cosmic feeling is a collection of photographic works shot with a film large format camera that employing the tools of science and philosophy explores what Romain Rolland (in a 1927 letter to Sigmund Freud) called “an oceanic feeling” - referring to the sensation of being at one with the universe. Whether observing the way in which the branches and leaves of a forest organize themselves, how a bi-

Giugno 2020

Giulia Parlato, photographer

Collateral Histories, with Giovanna Petrocchi

Giulia Parlato’s practice focuses on staged photography, and revolves around history, myths, and objecthood. She studies the historical use of photography as a document of truth, specifically in its scientific and forensic uses, and attempts to challenge this language, by creating a new space in which fake histories take place. Looking at the fragility of historiography and at the idea of failed encounters, her practice

Giugno 2020

Tarek Elhaik, Anthropologist and film/video curator

The Incurable – image. Curating Post Mexican Film and Media Arts, published by Edinburgh University Press 2016

From the 1990s onwards the ‘ethnographic turn in contemporary art’ has generated intense dialogues between anthropologists, artists and curators. While ethnography has been both generously and problematically re-appropriated by the art world, curation has seldom caught the conceptual attention of anthropologists. Based on two years of participant-observation in Mexico City, I address this lacuna by examining a

Giugno 2020

Fw:Books (Hans Gremmen & Petra Stavast), publisher

Edges of the Experiment, published by FW:, 2015

Edges of the Experiment – The Making of the American Landscape investigates the idyllic notion of the American landscape, and shows which elements contribute to the iconic landscape, and at what cost they can be maintained. It describes the thin line between nature and civilization: how did the landscape evolve, and where are the interfaces between the organic and the artificial world, and d

Giugno 2020

Carla Rak, artist

Eyes as Oars. A Visual Journey to Mars, published by Danilo Montanari editore, 2018

Since the advent of magic lanterns in 17th century, images have unfolded and revealed their powerful kinetic potential: without moving from his/her home the viewer can travel worldwide with dizzyingly acceleration and/or sudden stops. No one has ever been to Mars but today we can explore it with our own eyes thanks to NASA images,

Giugno 2020

Rob van Leijsen, designer

The Drone Chronicles 2001-2016, published by éditions CPG & Spector Books, 2019

Why are drones — or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) — so present in our daily news feed and local retail stores, but do we — despite sky-high sales numbers — hardly see them fly in our public airspace? This paradox of invisible presence lies at the basis of The Drone Chronicles, an editorial diptych that maps the evolution and integration of drones in our society