May 2023

Through the book(s) Wednesday, May 31, 7 pm,

New Bodies. Gender Practices in Contemporary Art Publishing

We are finally ready to show you the selection of books resulting from the call in collaboration with TWM Factory, which will travel almost in parallel with dedicated space for publications within the Queer Pandèmia exhibition in Milan and with a dedicated book display in the spaces of Leporello, from May 31 until the end of July.
The selection of titles on display at Leporello and BASE, with some variation between the two venues, will be a mix of our bookstore research and publications submitted through the call.

Below is the list of books selected for this call.

A JE BURRNESHPaola Favoino, Balter books, 2019

April Dawn Alison, a cura di Erin O’Toole, MACK, 2019

BAD G AND THE UNICORN, Elisa Caroli, Valeria Carrieri, Cecilia Valagussa, LÖK ZINE, 2023

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! n°3, Ghislain Pascal, Kehrer Verlag, 2023

Come get your honey, Samet Durgun, Kehrer Verlag, 2021

Contact High, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, MACK, 2022

Daniele Costa, NEUTRO, 2023

Fags, Jacopo Benassi, NERO editions, 2020

FIRST SKIN, Ilaria Miotto, Self published, 2023

Glitter Blues, Lorenzo Castore, BLOW UP PRESS, 2021

Glitter in My Wounds, Adam Broomberg + CAConrad + Gersande Spelsberg, MACK, 2021

Hardcure, Libera Mariotti, Deserter’s Books, 2023

I remember everything, Giulia Hrvatin, Self published, 2021

La Peau du Prénom, Lyoz Bandie, Les Éditions du Caïd, 2023

Les corps incorruptibles, Emilie Hallard, Maria Inc, 2019

Look at me like you love me, Jess T. Dugan, MACK, 2022

Marvel, Marvel Harris, MACK, 2021

Matérias, Luísa Ferreira, XYZ Books, 2022

New Skin, Mayumi Hosokura, MACK, 2020

No camera allowed, il Gender Club a Roma, Luca Donnini, Santini&Donnini editions, 2023

Paul’s Book, Collier Schorr, MACK, 2019

Porpora, Lina Pallotta, NERO editions, 2023

Thought Pieces, a cura di Erin O’Toole, MACK, 2020

To Survive on This Shore, Jess T. Dugan & Vanessa Fabbre, Kehrer Verlag, 2022

You Refuse to Believe that You Ever Liked Pink, Dena Elisabeth Eber, Schilt Publishing & Gallery, 2023

Hours and Infos

Wednesday, May 31, opening at 7 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma