Jason Fulford, The Heart is a Sandwich, 2023

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Funny, profound, absurd, and filled with unexpected beauty, this new photobook from American artist Jason Fulford is a collection of twelve stories drawn from a decade of encounters with Italy. Taking the form of a novel-sized paperback, the book includes meetings with ball-breaking bakers, an exploding museum cellar, Aldo Rossi’s notes on happiness, the center of the Earth, and Guido Guidi’s garage. Fulford’s pictures are deceptively simple, imbued with a gift for composition that brings forth metaphors and meaning. Known internationally for his skill as an editor, Fulford uses layered articulation and careful sequencing to suggest ambiguous meaning and invite endless reading.

Jason Fuldford, The Heart is a Sandwich

Mack, 2023

Design Morgan Crowcroft-Brown

13.6 x 20 cm

320 pages



ISBN 978-1-913620-96-7

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