December 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover From Monday December 7th to Saturday December 12th ,

The “language of birds” and other animal stories, from a takeover with Zaziedogzine

There are various traditions speaking of a mysterious language called the “language of birds”, a perfect or divine language that put these animals, inhabitants of the skies, in contact with the absolute, or even more with an originary state of nature. It seems that Adam and Eve spoke the language of animals and plants, but that after the infamous original sin they no longer remember a word.

For us, the language of animals passes from the conquest of the mouse’s freedom of which Berger speaks in one of his writings collected in Perché guardiamo gli animali ( Why we look at animals), to the splendid series, dedicated to birds, by éditions Xavier Barral, from human pain expressed by Fukase through the flight of crows, to the pain of animals that Luca Santini and Matteo Natalucci have told in their work dedicated to intensive farming, Blue.

And Blue (exhibition until December 12th) was the starting point of this short research, which finds one of its peaks of optimism in the book Platero y yo (exhibition from December 15th), an elegiac tale, illustrated by Juan Bernabau, in which the donkey Platero becomes an educator and a reminder of the dignity of man in its necessary connection with nature, and many other modulations through essays, illustrated and photographic books.

Zazie is a container of culture, visions and reflections on the animal world, which develops its story on social media, opening in-depth windows on the site.

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